speech pathology 28 Jan 2022

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Speech Pathology Services at the Child Wellbeing Centre

Speech Pathologists can help children in a myriad of ways:

  • Language (understanding and expression)
  • Speech (articulation, stuttering, motor planning/Childhood Apraxia of Speech)
  • Social Skills (greeting others, conversation skills and making friends)
  • Literacy (phonological awareness, reading, writing and spelling) and
  • Stuttering (a condition that affects the rhythm or flow of speech) 

Within the Child Wellbeing Centre we have five speech pathologists available to work with clients.

  • Leonie Stotzer, Virginia Paradiso and Fang Min Lim work from our Midland offices and
  • Vanessa Mariani and Jessica Clark work from our Bayswater office.

With the team recently growing, we currently have capacity to take on new clients.  Please call Reception on (08) 9274 7062 to find out more about our services.