Social Skills Programs

At Child Wellbeing Centre we offer a range of group programs for children and parents. Groups are typically small, no more than four to six children at a time and run after school hours.

We also regularly provide information on up and coming programs through our Facebook page.



The Friendship Club

Each term the Centre runs small social skills programs for children between 6 and 8 years of age. Our team of behaviour therapists and psychologists make these sessions fun and motivating. Please contact our reception for further information.




Secret Agent Society

Secret Agent Society is an evidenced based social skills program for high functioning children on the autism spectrum. Groups are typically small and include parent training and teacher liaison to help children develop and use their social skills.


Please Note

Referrals for Psychology are only necessary if associated with the Allied Health Better Outcomes in Mental Health Care via your GP; or through a Paediatrician for the Helping Children with Autism Medicare or Better Start rebates. Please contact the Child Wellbeing Centre, Midland for more information.