We understand that life gets busy and that there will be times where our families will need to cancel or reschedule appointments.  Children getting sick is one of the most common reasons appointments can’t be attended.

When appointments are made in a therapists diary, we  will send you an SMS reminder two days before your appointment. Aside from a memory jogger, it’s also a chance to change appointments times if need be.

We ask that you contact us 48 hours before the appointment for cancellations or to reschedule. The best way to contact us is through email or phone as we can’t easily spot incoming SMS messages from our clients.

We really appreciate it when you contact us in time. It means we can offer the appointment time to another family waiting for services. The more notice you give us, the more time we have to fill the appointment. If we can fill the appointment, we won’t charge a cancellation fee.

Please feel free to discuss any concerns about our cancellation policy with your consultant or Reception on 9274 7062.