15 Mar 2022

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Working with children, we know that families can have many reasons where they need to cancel their appointments with our consultants. This year, particularly with COVID restrictions, we are seeing more clients and their families having to isolate, and therefore cancel their appointments, than in past few years.

In the past, we’ve certainly tried to be flexible with our Cancellation Policy. We often haven’t applied a cancellation fee when a child has been genuinely unwell.

However, we will now be enforcing the policy for all cancellations that are within 48 hours of an appointment. Please read the information to further understand why we have to use a Cancellation Policy and enforce a Cancellation Fee.

What’s in our Cancellation Policy?

Every new client coming into the Centre is asked to read and sign the Cancellation Policy. Our Cancellation Policy asks that you let us know within 48 hours of your appointment that you are unable to attend.

For clients who are coming into the Centre on Mondays, we ask for notice by 3pm the previous Saturday if you need to cancel your appointment.

Our Cancellation Fee is the full fee that would have been charged for the session.

To help you avoid a cancellation fee, we SMS all clients with a reminder 48 hours before your appointment. This is a good time to consider if a cancellation might be necessary.

Why do we have this policy?

We have our Cancellation Policy in place for a number of reasons. The primary reason is that this time frame allows our Reception Team enough time to offer the appointment to another family.

All of our services have very long waitlists with families who are very keen for support.  When a space becomes available in a consultant’s diary, it is an opportunity to try and offer it to another family in need. Cancelling your appointment without 48 hours’ notice means that we are unlikely to be able to contact another family who might be able to make arrangements and take your cancelled appointment.

As well as being able to support our families, the Child Wellbeing Centre is also a business. We therefore rely on the income from appointments to pay our staff.

But what if the child is sick or a close contact?

In the past, we have tried to be flexible and waived Cancellation Fees when a child was sick, but this is no longer a possibility. We are currently experiencing many cancellations due to children being COVID close contacts. Unfortunately, high volume restrictions still impact this considerably.

While being in isolation means that your child can’t come into the Centre, you can still proceed in most instances with a Telehealth session. This is when our consultants talk to you and your children online. In fact, many of family’s are doing this very successfully. with great feedback from the kids.

When won’t we be charging a Cancellation Fee?

None of us want to enforce a Cancellation Fee. If we are able to fill your cancelled appointment (even if you’ve given us less than 48 hours’ notice), we won’t charge you a Cancellation Fee. This is in line with our core value of Integrity. We will do our absolute best to find another family to take up the cancelled appointment time.

However, if we do charge a Cancellation Fee (you’ll receive this advice on the day of the appointment), we ask that this is paid before you schedule or attend your next appointment with us.

Please consider going ahead with a Telehealth appointment when you cannot attend the Centre. All you need for this is access to a device (even just a phone) and the internet.

Lastly… we know Cancellation Fees may seem unfair when it’s due to illness or COVID. However we ask that you work with us so we can support all of our children, families and staff during these difficult times.