Kids Connect is all about connecting kids to service providers 25 May 2020

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Kid Connect is a new program available through the Child Wellbeing Centre for parents and carers of NDIS funded children. We are now able to offer NDIS support coordination and plan management services. Kid Connect was started to provide a child (and adolescent) focused service, drawing on our local knowledge of service providers. We want to help connect children (and families) with the services they need.

What’s support coordination and plan management?

Support Coordination is a service funded by the NDIS to help families work with someone to find the various supports that their child needs. Typically, this is where you may need help to find a service provider for your child in your local area.  Our support coordinators see their role as providing independent advice and helping you identify the most appropriate supports for your child. Support coordinators can also help you prepare for plan reviews and can help iron out any conflicts with service providers along the way.

Plan management is where service providers send their invoices into Kid Connect and we pay them. Plan managers keep track of funds for you and send out monthly reports. That way you know what funding you have and can make informed decisions. Kid Connect will pay invoices for service providers weekly so that you have happy therapists and no interruptions to service delivery.

Do I have to choose Kid Connect if the Child Wellbeing Centre is one of my child’s service providers?

Absolutely not! We will very happily work with other support coordination and plan management agencies. In many ways, it’s business as usual for our therapists.

Kid Connect support coordinators work independently of the therapy team. Client information will not be shared between teams unless there is informed consent. Neither team can access each other’s records. We treat your child’s information with confidentiality.

Can I just access Kid Connect services?

Yes. There is no obligation to access any other services from the Child Wellbeing Centre.  Our support coordinators will want to help you identify the best supports for your child. The Child Wellbeing Centre, in many instances, may not be the most appropriate service. Our support coordinators will help you find what work’s best for you and your child.

How do I find out more about Kid Connect?

The easiest thing is to have a look at our website or call Miika for more information on 0421 012 956. Our Kid Connect office is located in at Brockman Road. Please feel free to make an appointment with Miika. Videoconferencing is also an option if you are unable to attend meetings in person.

Naomi Ward

Clinical Director

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