11 Mar 2018

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Speech Pathologist

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There are many misconceptions about what stuttering is. Stuttering is a speech disorder consisting of unwanted disruption of the normal rhythm of fluency of speech defined by repetitions of sounds, words or phrases (e.g. “I-I-I want”, “but-but mum!”, prolongations or the drawing out of sounds (e.g. mmmmmum!), as well as blocking resulting in the inability to produce a word – getting ‘stuck’.

Stuttering is NOT caused by parents 
Stuttering is NOT caused by anxiety or stress (Although stress can increase the stutter, it is not the cause)
People who stutter are NOT nervous or shy.
Stuttering is NOT learnt by imitating a family member’s speech.
Stuttering is NOT caused by a low IQ.

Early intervention is very important as children can overcome stuttering but they will need help.

Please call Tracey on 9274 7062 or more information about how our speech pathology services can help children with stuttering.

Georgina Klimaitis
Speech Pathologist