22 Oct 2018

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Occupational Therapist Team

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Everyone has daily ‘occupation’, eg, work, play, eat, sleep, dress. Occupational therapy promotes normal development and stimulates learning in children with specific learning difficulties, physical disabilities, delayed development or those recovering from illness or injury.

Working with children, their families and teachers, occupational therapists aim to improve the child’s quality of life by helping them  to participate in play, preschool, school and home activities.

An occupational therapist may work with children in any of the following areas:

Prerequisite activities – the child’s physical abilities, such as motor control, hand-to-eye coordination, body awareness and sensation.

Functional skills – the child’s day-to-day living skills, such as eating, writing, going to the toilet, interacting with other children and playground skills.

The environment – such as classroom furniture, classroom and schoolyard access, and equipment for woodwork, art and physical education.

Information sourced from OT Australia:

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