04 Feb 2018

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Occupational Therapist Team

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Ever wondered about fine motor skills and when children should be able to do things? The following is a guide to the fine motor skill of cutting and what children should be able to do at different times:

At two and a half years – children should be able to use scissors to snip paper (one snip only)
At age 3 years: Children should be able to cut a 10 cm piece of paper in two (no lines) & be able to cut along a 10 cm straight line and staying within 1.7 cm of the line.
At age 4 years: Children can cut a 15 cm along straight line, curve & 15 cm diameter circle staying within 1/2 cm of the line.
At age 5 years: Children can cut out a medium size square and triangle in 15 cm square piece of paper.
At age 6 years: Children can cut cloth with supervision and start to cut more complex shapes.

Children have difficulty cutting for a range of reasons. Our Occupational Therapists in the Centre (Madeline and Narelle) are available for assessment and therapy if needed.

Please feel free to contact Tracey on reception for further information on 9274 7062.