18 Mar 2020

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We are certainly living in very interesting times. Our news and social media is flooded with news about the Covid-19 virus and the impact it is having in people’s lives.

At the Centre we are trying to operate on a business as usual basis and will continue to provide therapy services for our clients. However we are changing a few things to minimise the risk of infection for everyone.

What are we doing?

In our consulting rooms, you’ll be seeing staff using hand sanitisers more often – in particular at the start and end of sessions. If our staff are seeing you at home, they will be practising hand-washing with your children.

We’ve beefed up our toy cleaning regime to try and keep resources as germ-free as possible.

Our front desk staff will be regularly wiping the EFTPOS machine and reception counter and ledges with disinfectants too.

We are reviewing procedures on a day to day basis in light of what we are learning from the Coronavirus updates. A really useful website (in case you haven’t come across it so far) is the Department of Health WA website:


How can you help?

Please encourage your child to wash their hands when they come into the Centre. Hand washing, when done properly, is still the most effective way of reducing the spread of germs.

Please keep children, yourself and other family members home if they have cold/flu symptoms. This becomes even more critical as we get closer to winter. Those wonderful people working at the Coronavirus screening clinics just won’t have the capacity to screen everyone and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Let Reception know as soon as you can that you need to reschedule.

Please don’t be angry with staff if you come to an appointment and you or your child is unwell and we ask you to leave. We understand that therapy is important but the priority at the moment is to minimise the spread of infection in the community.

Oh, and this one is a bit cheeky….please don’t “borrow” our toilet paper rolls.   Quite a few rolls disappeared last week. We’re running short like everyone else on hand sanitisers, tissues and toilet rolls and are working very hard to source replacements. Toilet paper is proving the trickiest to find!

Working together we can have a big impact in slowing down the virus and protecting the most vulnerable in the community. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance.

Naomi Ward

Clinical Director